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Verse - metrical text in poetic composition.
Unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme grouped in stanzas.
Unit of prose is purely grammatical grouped in sentences or paragraphs.
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These United States, immigrant nation
Diverse lexicon, young congregation
From Colonies few into States they grew
In Civil war ashes, they merged anew
Country of races, of different faces
Came with their customs, their social graces
Embraced life’s freedom, liberty for all
May the crusade carry on, each enthrall
Founded by few, the brilliant and the wise
A country in crisis…in hope will rise!

1775 – Revolutionary War

As tyranny ran, a country began
The fight for freedom and the rights of man
A colony ruled by an English King
Issued an edict, with conflict to bring
"Your Tea we tax, your money we demand     
Our army is strong …you cannot withstand"
Each Rebel replied, with honor and pride
“We will not abide, Our Freedom” they cried
Each with a musket, each one a brave man
A country in crisis…a war began!

1787 – United States Constitution

With the British defeated…fighting done
The war had been won, now silent the gun
Liberty, freedom…they answered the call
Independence declared, the wish by all
The greatest, the brightest, together came
In Congress assembled, purpose the same
Men from each state, with an effort to make
Asserting man's rights, no one to forsake
Found in liberty…this Constitution
A country in crisis…Declaration!

1803 – Louisiana Purchase

Jefferson, he purchased, from friendly France
Louisiana land...the western stance      
The frontier advanced with a chase for land
Settlers lay claim and the borders expand
The States were shaped, while the Union grew grand
Together, forever, a nation planned
Then tribes of Indians, with painted face
Challenged the squatters as they slowed the pace
Hard fought was the West, many lives were lost
A country in crisis…at human cost!

1860 – Lincoln elected President

Deep in the South, Plantations were blooming
And in the North, abolition looming
With the swell of slavery, the cry went out
"Free every slave and remove any doubt”
“All men are created with equal rights”
“A slave for a Master”, said Southern whites
With country divided…the Union split
Civil War began, each side would commit
Fighting the battles were the Blue and Gray
A country in crisis…most every day!

1861 – The Civil War begins

Confederates seceded…sixty-one
Lee led the Rebs… many battles they won
None so fierce, as the fields of Gettysburg
Struggles in the South, climaxed at Vicksburg
Abe Lincoln freed the slaves --in sixty- three
General Grant and the Feds, won victory
Thousands were killed, sacrificing their life
In battle after battle, through the strife
Four fearful years, a war of volunteers
A country in crisis…this veil of tears!

1865 – Lincoln assassinated

Lincoln the great, “the Emancipator”,
Rose to the challenge…a self-educator
From homespun rearing to statesman became
With biblical name, projected to fame
Guided the Country, divided in slavery
Boldly preserved the Union in bravery
In Ford theater, that Good Friday night
A Presidential pause from war and its plight
Then echoed a shot…Mr. Booth had fled
A country in crises...Lincoln was dead!

1865 – Southern Reconstruction

The country from ashes, the scars of war
A nation divided, both near and far
Struggled to forgive…forget, carry on
Asked of its people, above and beyond
The trauma of war in civil battle
To settle the claim of human chattel
Time healed the wounds, the country united
Not without sorrow, blame that was cited
The South in anger, sought retribution
A country in crises...Restitution!

1898 – Spanish American War

The century changed, came a war with Spain        
McKinley proclaimed, “Remember the Maine”
Commodore Dewey from deck so steady
Shouted the command, “Fire when you’re ready”
And Rough Rider Teddy, ran San Juan Hill
With cavalry skill, so few did they kill
Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines
Annexed to the country through U.S. schemes
McKinley was shot…assassination
A country in crises...Desperation!

1914 – World War I

Lusitanian sank, brought World War I
Heard rattle of saber and blasts of gun
“Over there” our soldiers, known as Yanks
They died in trenches, first time in the tanks
Fighting the enemy in “No Man’s Land”
Fight for freedom, General Pershing’s command
“Why, oh why”, sighed the country with a cry
War finally ended…Treaty of Versailles  
Wilson’s aspirations…complications
A country in crisis...League of Nations

1929 – Great Depression

The country now stumbled, little or not
Hoover promise, “Chicken in every pot”
The Stock Market crashed…investors had doubt
Factories closed...many found labor, without
Banks faltered and failed, deposits were lost
The Jobless sold apples often at cost
Will of the people was bent and broken
No work, no token, people outspoken
An economy now…in regression
A country in crisis...Great Depression!

1939 – World War II

Europe in turmoil from German unrest
An Aryan nation was Hitler’s quest
Annihilate the Jews… “The Master Race”
Horror, the holocaust, no human trace
The Russians stood tall on the eastern front
France was invaded through Maginot shunt
Buffered by the Channel, England was safe
Not from dive bombers, V2s and air strafe
U.S. in queue, to the Allies were true
A country in crisis...dire World War II!

1941- Pearl Harbor Bombing

“Day of Infamy” …Hawaii morning
December 7th, without a warning
From FDR, cried “War”…Congress declared
As the country prepared, nothing was spared
Battle of Midway now slowed the Jap pace
Immortal the flag...Iwo Jima the place
Fighting was fierce throughout the Pacific
Battle to battle, slaughter horrific
Required the most…perfect execution
A country in crisis...Resolution!

1944 – Allied Invasion of France

The D-Day invasion…Ike’s persuasion
On Omaha beach, ceased the occasion
Battle of the Bulge turned the advantage
Nazi defeat, the Allies did manage
Pacific power, the plans of Japan
Midway to New Guinea, fought man to man
Japanese fighters, defend to the end
For Emperor they died, their spirit transcend
A war that was shortened…Atomic Bomb
A country in crisis...Truman’s aplomb!

1950 – Korean War

“The Forgotten War” from the dragon’s mouth
A Communist threat, Korea pushed south
Crossing the 38th parallel line
Commenced the Cold War, a Stalin resign
Macarthur made claim, “His armies remain”
His challenge…“Sustain, not China to reign”
Truman decidedly would disagree
Regardless of his plea, reckless his spree
“Old solders never die, just fade away”
A country in crisis...General astray!

1940 to 1990 – Cold War

Soviet Union under Stalin’s rule
Communist control, a dictator cruel
Built nuclear tension overall…Berlin wall
Pit East against West, such bitter and gall
From “Berlin Blockade” to “Korean War”
“Cuban Missile Crisis” to “Vietnam War” 
Brought the world to the brink, of WWIII
Finally averted…the Soviets agree
America alarm…apprehension
A country in crisis –Cold War tension!

1965 – Vietnam War

Communist China resurged Vietnam
And the French in Saigon, they tried to calm
Communist insurgents, enemy strong
Vietnam guerrillas, called Viet Cong
Fought jungle battles, fighting to the death
Heat and humidity would take a breath
Damn Agent Orange, defoliate vulture
Americans perplexed…counterculture
Failed objective, U.S. embarrassment
A country in crisis...Abandonment!

1990 – 1st Iraq War

Saddam Hussein’s…brutal rule of Iraq
Vicious dictator, would slay his own flock
Invaded Kuwait, for control of oil
Crushed by Americans on desert soil
Saddam was allowed to continue to rule
Sustained a world tension, stubborn and cruel
He rattled his sword called “W.M.D”
Like a wild banshee, would never agree     
Echoed deception with danger threaten
A country in crisis...Bio-weapon!

2001 – World Trade Center Collapse

Twin towers collapsed at the World Trade Center
Fell in rubble…al-Qaeda dissenter
Sent a message of death and destruction
A holy war, an abomination
Insurgent revenge…America’s end
Pentagon blast, the messages they send
Suicide attacks…jihad of terror
Bin Laden, the Arab, a fear bearer
Hijacked aircraft, flew missiles from heaven
A country in crisis...911!

2001 – Afghanistan  
2003 -- 2nd Iraq War & Occupation

Afghanistan ruled by the Taliban
Terrorists…holy warriors…fearful klan
Refuge to Bin Laden gave to this man
U.S. in conflict without a good plan
Elected Geo W…rule of court
Although he had lacked, popular support
Chaney…ignorance invaded Iraq
Arrogance, distortion, military hawk
Bring home our soldiers…conflict we abhor
A country in crisis –Geo. Bush’s War!


The world today in turmoil and unrest
The Islamic States in religious quest
Isis, barbarians, a jihadist hate
A Salafi extremist, militant State
Ali Khamenei, the Ayatollah
Syria, Assad…Africa ebloa  
What the future will bring, no one can guess
A country in crisis...may God so bless!



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