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Verse - metrical text in poetic composition.
Unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme grouped in stanzas.
Unit of prose is purely grammatical grouped in sentences or paragraphs.
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When the universe sprang
From the Almighty Bang
To terrify
Where was I?

When the galaxies formed
From the gases they swarmed
To unify
Where was I?

When the Milky Way grew
From a hot molten brew
To magnify
Where was I?

When the planets took shape
In orbit they escapeĀ 
To now reside
Where was I?

When the sun all ablaze
From its rays lite our days
To light the sky
Where was I?

When the earth, it was born
From the darkness came morn
To gratify
Where was I?

When all life, it emerged
Came all species, diverged
To quantify
Where was I?

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