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Verse - metrical text in poetic composition.
Unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme grouped in stanzas.
Unit of prose is purely grammatical grouped in sentences or paragraphs.
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Sparrow Crow Dove
Cat Rooster Hen Scarecrow



Once in a meadow long ago      
A wee Sparrow said to a Crow
"Why Mr. Crow, why are you black?
Why do you squawk, chatter and clack?"

The Crow cocked his head, glared and said
"Well wee Sparrow don't be misled
A Cardinal I'm not, he wears red.
This is my tux, I'm to be wed"

The Sparrow replied, "Oh what pride!
Who, pray tell, is the lovely bride"
Proudly the Crow spoke of his love 
"My true love, a pretty White Dove"

With joy in each step, pride in each stride
The Crow went off, to fetch his bride.
Along the way he met a cat.
Together they sat, had a chat.

"Well Mr. Cat, must not tarry    
There's no time, for I’m to marry"
With that the Cat, put on his hat
Strummed his fiddle, and that was that.

The Crow displeased, said so wary
"Well Mr. Cat, I'm to marry!
Come with me and bring your fiddle
Sing a song, tell me a riddle".

Sharing a song they went along
Hurrying to join the wedding throng
Cat, with his pack, strapped to his back
Skipping along the railroad track

Cross in a field, beside the track
Struggle to stand, a crumbling shack
Near the shack, a scrawny scarecrow
Fearful foe of every Black Crow

"Come along, you scrawny scarecrow ",
"Come to my wedding”, shouted Crow
Skipping and singing off they went
A threesome troop, merrily sent 

Rambling down a green grass glen
There they met, a Rooster and Hen
“Come along”, the trio shouted,
“To Crow’s wedding”, they all spouted.

Singing happily, off they stroll
Stopping yet, at the foot of a knoll
“Listen all for wedding bells ring”
Come to my feast, fit for king”.

Running ahead, out of control
The Crow excited began to extol
“Here my love, you pretty White Dove
“Friends I have gathered, my sweet love”.

The bride to be, the fair White Dove,
By far the fairest bird of love
The Crow in his tux, shinny black  
Proud of his love, began to quack   

The Wise Old Owl looked with a scowl
Turned to the crowd, began to howl
“Now come near”, said the Wise Old Owl
“Come and hear, the vows of the fowl”

The Crow in black, the Dove in white
-- Quite a site for a wedding rite.
“I do”, the Crow, lovingly said
“I too”, said the Dove, as they wed

“Well that was that,” said the fat cat
Put on his hat, and there he sat.
Began to play, play his fiddle
Then recite --recite a riddle

Scarecrow sang --such a scrawny voice
Each joined in, this time to rejoice.
Rooster and Hen, they danced with glee
The Wise Old Owl gave his decree.

“Bless you fowl”, said the Wise Old Owl
“Bless you two, you elegant fowl
“Happiness to you, on this day”
Feather together --they flew away.




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