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Verse - metrical text in poetic composition.
Unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme grouped in stanzas.
Unit of prose is purely grammatical grouped in sentences or paragraphs.
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Your eyes they glisten
Sparkle and shine
Your voice, I listen
Our hearts entwine

Your words, I treasure
My valentine
With love no measure
Our hearts entwine

Your smile's warmhearted
Your hair does shine
Your laugh's lighthearted
Our hearts entwine

To seek your embrace
Sweet lips divine
In my arms your place
Our hearts entwine

With this heart afire
My life consign
Your Love my desire
Our hearts entwine

For my love be true
Will you be mine
Now please say Ido
Our hearts entwine

To love you always
Our hearts combine
The rest of our days
Our hearts entwine



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