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Verse - metrical text in poetic composition.
Unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme grouped in stanzas.
Unit of prose is purely grammatical grouped in sentences or paragraphs.
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Phantoms of the night, the ghosts of heroes
March in darkness, as they marched in their corps
Wandering warriors, mission commandoes
Enacting the battles fought in their wars

As darkness dissolves in the dawning day
Our flag, as it waves, this day to define
Land of the brave, for both Blue and the Gray 
This home of our heroes…Arlington shrine

First glimmer of sun bids morning good day
Clouds in the sky filter sun and its rays
A rustling of leaves that lay and decay 
Autumn delight, in full color displays

The sun casts shadows where monuments rise
Now hallow this ground for men that had bled
A silence prevails, yet are heard the cries
In Arlington shrine, the graves of brave dead

Boldly flags flutter, in the morning breeze
There draped is a casket of stars and stripes
By the graveside stands, a soldier at ease
And waiting beside are drummers and pipes

Commend this warrior, just a kid nineteen
Fearless his direction…killed in action
A fighting machine, courageous Marine
He gave full measure, without exception

The moment arrived, color guard graveside
They raised, they fired, a three volley salute
This hero, he died…now everyone cried
In duty astute, his bravery is mute

Somber the taps that now lays him to rest
Forever in peace…now never commands
Blessed be our heroes where ever they rest
In Arlington arms, in far away lands

Lest we forget, the unnamed, we regret
Where Sentinels watch, a throne, not alone
Remember each vet, in death paid a debt
Unsung hero…“Tomb of the Unknown”

Scorn not this landscape, with blossoms adorn
Hold honor this place, forever, today
They gave with their life, for their lost we mourn
Home of our heroes, at home where they lay



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