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Verse - metrical text in poetic composition.
Unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme grouped in stanzas.
Unit of prose is purely grammatical grouped in sentences or paragraphs.
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Born as we are, woman or man   
Conceived from love, parental plan
From infant to child, we were wild
Parents to teach, how to be mild

Off to school…in effort to grow
Learning and playing trying to know
Lass play house…act as a spouse
A lad dressed up like mighty mouse

Books to read…educate the mind
To grow, to grow, become refined
We bumble, struggle through our teens
To understand life…what it means

This lass, a lady…now behold
Discipline…learning…character to mold
This lad, a gent…gallant and brave
Discipline…learning…character to rave

Now each matures comes time to date
Party…party, search for a mate
A partner to find…life to be
A couple in love…known as we

Search to find, a lady with charm
A gent to be proud with her on his arm
She strolls down the street, with such pride
Shall this be his choice…his beautiful bride

Smiling face…a bow in her hair
Happy as a lark with hardly a care
Body so shapely…with each stride
A beauty to become, the blushing bride

Vows to be made…it's time to wed
Parties to have…many guests to be fed
Music, dancing, friends to embrace
The reception held, with a social grace

The honeymoon now, --time alone
Time for intimacy, to set the tone
Two, together, a time for love
To honor each other and God above

Joy and gladness…face the sadness
Times of worry, a scurry of madness
Friends to be, lives they are sharing
To have and behold their children bearing

Scolding, praising, often praying
Obvious now, what parents were saying    
Direction to give …values set
The children will grow and goals must be met

Children grew…and children they had
Discipline dispensed, not so bad
Parents…grandparents…oh so proud
This pride so grand…heads in a cloud

Generations pass…kids are born
Families grow, and in their death we mourn
Tradition passes…life with strife
Living these moments…reflections on life




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