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Verse - metrical text in poetic composition.
Unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme grouped in stanzas.
Unit of prose is purely grammatical grouped in sentences or paragraphs.
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Attest the might of God who blessed
Gave Creation…infrastructure
Stars formed In Galaxies suggest 
A Universe born in structure

“In the beginning was the Light”,
  Light from stars in gravity born
The source of life, the human plight
For this, for man, has God so bourn

Down deep in the depths of darkness,
In the Temple of Timelessness
Neatly nested in nothingness,
A seed, waiting in readiness

The seed of future tomorrows
This seed so small, so minuscule,
Holding all…the joys, the sorrows
Defying law, rejecting rule

Speck containing all of matter
In potency burst…“The Big Bang”
Particles…in billions scatter
Matter then, in resonance sang

With echoes still across the sky
These particles that made mankind
That forms all life, only to die
Refined, maligned by human mind

Then began, in a moment, time
Created by a deity
From out of grime a world in rhyme
Began in spontaneity



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