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Verse - metrical text in poetic composition.
Unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme grouped in stanzas.
Unit of prose is purely grammatical grouped in sentences or paragraphs.
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Explosions ignite the heavenly night
Across the vast skies an image belies
This scene that is seen, with the naked eye,
Barely reveals…just a glimmer of light
Distance defies, we can only surmise
Huge number of stars inhabit the sky

Some stars are quite bright, a few almost white
While those that are dark, are near their demise
No one can deny…Divine force imply,
A Heaven created, controlled by might.
Could only be caused by a Power...Wise
As we gaze in the sky, we wonder why

From whence did they come, these stars in the sky
Are stars alive, do they have any blood?
They shine, they align…design we define
They light up the sky when shooting stars fly
Every night can be seen, stars in the bud
As nature compressed, the gases combine

Stars gather, splatter…made of same matter
Began…Big Bang, inflated…then expand
Billons of stars, millions of galaxies
Across the wide sky, they ran, they scatter
Galaxies planned, in a fashion so grand,

Creation demands in fashion things change
Begin, emerge, perfect…maturity
Like the acorn grows to a mighty oak
So too will the Universe find its range
In the far reaches of obscurity
Universal creation…God has spoke

That which we see, is it all that exists?
Science unveils a dark side of matter,
Revealing true, a dark energy too
Universe of things, repeat and persists
Smooth, consistent , expanding and flatter
Yet that which we view is a sky so blue

Alchemist’s thought, there were elements few
That Earth was made, of fire, water and air
Mysterious electrons, protons in rings
Yet science revealed molecules accrue
Molecular structures, atoms that share
Now Science believes, the theory of strings

Mystery of matter seen universal,
Particle-Wave...pairs sharing together
Fermion particles, chatter matter,
Sharing, bonding, molecule dispersal
Chemical compounds…light as a feather
Building the Universe as they scatter

Electrons, Nucleons make these atoms
The fermion family that takes up space.
Two particles make the bases of matter.
Quarks shape protons and neutrons of atoms
Twenty-four flavors that spin and displace.
Leptons are the electrons that scatter.

Six different quarks with their “up” and their “down”
Groups bind in hadrons, mesons and baryons.
Besides their flavor, there’s charge and color
Their valence changes when turning around.
Conveys momentum, switching with bosons
Hard to imagine things any smaller.

Now we defined the essence of matter.
Yet we can’t say what holds this together
Ever expanding…universe of stars,
Swirling, burning…burst photons that scatter.
In joyous light…lighter than a feather
Emitted from stars…pulsars and quasars.

Much have we learned from starlight in travel
At ultimate speed from distance afar
By Doppler effect, we know direction
Serves to resolve, this mystery unravel
Photons bear, the signature of a star

Spectrum color…element selection.

But Is there glue...“Soul of the Universe”
A force that binds this matter together.
Vast masses of stars…far away reaches
Find gases combine and yet not disperse.
Matter attracts, then comes altogether
We cannot deny what Nature teaches

The forces of nature, science defined
Gravity, Magnetic, Strong and the Weak.
Each has its purpose in the scheme of things
Together keep, the Universe aligned.
We wonder sublime, we humans so meek

We wrestle to know, the theory of Strings.

Gravity we find…the greatest binder
Could be called…“The Soul of the Universe”
Is it a particle, no-mass boson?
Not yet observed…science needs a finder
This mighty force, stretching the universe
Or Matter in motion, or graviton?

Science believes the universe began
Created, exploded…from there expand
Potency, to Act…structure and process
Speeding, Emerging according to plan
What science says and humans understand
A gift, this earth, our lives, our land…God Bless!

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