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Verse - metrical text in poetic composition.
Unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme grouped in stanzas.
Unit of prose is purely grammatical grouped in sentences or paragraphs.
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When life has its trouble
Your spirit is shaken
All plans are in rubble
And you feel forsaken

There is no where to turn
And there's no one to ask
For an answer you yearn
To unburden the task

To strive for perfection
And to seek to achieve
Demands real obsession
And in failure reprieve

For to learn and mature
Enhances profession
It requires you endure
Control your depression

For knowledge and reckoning
Serves everyone in life
Gives purpose for living
To emerge through the strife

You must always believe
That today you will find
In the end to achieve
Contribute to mankind

Now awaken your mind
With some effort be smart
If you stick to the grind
You may lift up your heart



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