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Verse - metrical text in poetic composition.
Unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme grouped in stanzas.
Unit of prose is purely grammatical grouped in sentences or paragraphs.
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The Pilgrims, our fathers, from foreign land
Came to this country, to the promise land
Seeking a fortune with a home to make 
Traveling afar, so little they could take
To start a new life, to take a new wife
To raise a family, to meet the strife
Rejecting tyranny, willing to fight
A nation founded, a country of might

Life was difficult, with many demands
They gathered together and shared their hands
While facing life's tasks, times they were tested
When completed their chores, then they rested
They reserved a day, special time to pray
To give God their thanks for showing the way
Guidance from above, with reverence to pay
Tradition today called Thanksgiving Day

Comes a new century…the years they have gone
Generations have passed, we carry on
This Thanksgiving Day, enjoying the food
Forgetting the diets, setting the mood
Pausing this moment, making the blessing
Devouring the turkey, all the dressing
Again to thank God, for showing the way
A Pilgrim tradition…Thanksgiving Day



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