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Verse - metrical text in poetic composition.
Unit of verse is based on meter or rhyme grouped in stanzas.
Unit of prose is purely grammatical grouped in sentences or paragraphs.
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* Widow’s Lament *

Forgotten are our heroes
…whose lives, for our freedom gave
Their bravery screamed, now echoes
…from each hallow, sacred grave

Blessed are lonely widows
--in their memory, sadness rests
Lost love that’s gleamed in shadows
--and cherished in lover’s breasts

Burdened, but rarely shown
--Expressions in sorrows’ loss
Pronounced in silence alone
--borne as a widows’ cross.

Widow’s graveside dialogue:

“I took the time today
--to stop and say hello
Brought the kids, on our way
--oh my, how they did grow

I brought you roses dear
--this beautiful bouquet
Like the ones you gave each year
--on anniversary day

Remember dear…they’re red
…you tied them with a bow
A life for country, bled
--protecting us from foe

Mon is fine, She’s Ok
…she’s dating someone new
His hair’s like yours, but grey
…with nose, a bit askew

Each day I knell and pray
…sad and blue, missing you
Remembering you, each day
…oh how our love was true

Standing here, in my grief
…sobbing and full of fears
You were, life, hope, belief
…my happiness for years

Those years…we’ll never share
…you fought for war to cease
Life you gave, bravery bare
--for you are now at peace

The man for whom I’m proud
…hero in many ways
To love, forever vowed
--Your kids will always praise

In time I realized
…all by myself these years
In you I idolized
…your strength has calmed my fears

 Thank God, that I to know
…this man that I revere
For love will be aglow
…will never die, my dear

Sweetheart, before I go

…there's just one thing to say
We want that you should know
…our Love, we pray each day"

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